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We've got the solution!


At Off the Wall Advertising, we know you want your business to be successful.  In order to do that, you need to be seen by more consumers. The problem is, it’s hard to know what will catch consumers’ attention and lead them to your business.

Ready to start making more money?

One-of-a-kind advertising that leads customers to YOU!


Indoor Billboards

Indoor print and digital advertising or restroom advertising is an excellent communication tool for reaching customers.


Graphic Design

Our creative team will design eye-catching graphics for your indoor ads.


Online Ads

Indoor advertising or restroom advertising is an excellent communication tool for reaching active/



Captive Audience

It all starts here…. Off The Wall Advertising is the only advertising medium that truly has a captive audience. Customers are not only forced to see your ad, but they crave something to read. The average time with your medium is1.5-2 minutes, and they can’t change the channel or switch stations.

Gender Targeting

Why are you wasting your advertising dollars on non-prospects?


Off The Wall Advertising guarantees 100% of your advertising will reach only men, only women, or both if you choose. 

The Right Demographics


Off The Wall Advertising represents a broad range of high traffic locations across Montana, providing you with a unique opportunity to focus your marketing dollars on particular groups of consumers. Target by age, income, lifestyle, and geography.

Affordable Investment

Whether used alone or as part of a marketing mix, Off The Wall Advertising provides a host of effective ways to reach your target customers, every day and every time of the year. 

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